Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repair and Installation Companies

Before calling a repair company read our garage door repair guide. If you cannot repair your garage door click your state on the map below for details repair companies in your area, before doing that have a quick look at the tips below.

Tips when choosing a garage door repair company

Before looking on the internet or in yellow pages ask your neighbours, friends and colleagues if they can recommend a company that they have had dealings with.

1. Get written bids or quotes from at least two companies, once you agree on a price ensure that the company knows it must get your permission to carry out any work over and above what has been agreed.

2. Be wary of ‘Repair Specialists’ some of whom target just repair work as they know the customer is desperate to get the door fixed and will not contact more than one company. So contact a long established garage door sales and installation company as well.

3. If a telephone is answered with ‘garage doors’ or ‘door repairs’ you should again be wary, if a company cannot answer the telephone with its own name alarm bells should ring as they are probably trading under many names, why would they do that?

4. Beware of companies that run huge advertising campaigns, have the largest ads in yellow pages with statements such as rated number one, same day service and offer a $39 service fee. Remember all that advertising needs to be paid for (yes by you the customer) and the $39 service fee may be low, but what will the cost of the parts be?

5. Check the companies BBB reviews at whilst there check if it has a list of alternate business names, while you are on the web check their address using google street view just to make sure it does physically exist.

These are just a few things to consider when choosing a garage door repair company you will of course use your own instincts as well when contacting a company.

Click on your state in the table below to see a list of repair companies near you.