Garage Door Opener Repair or Replace

Faulty Garage Door Opener – Replacing Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener has stopped working and was manufactured before 1993 then it is widely recommended that rather than try and repair the opener you should replace it with a new one.

There are several reasons why you should consider replacing your garage door opener, the most important is safety, generally speaking prior to 1993 garage openers did not have built in safety features, such as photo electric safety beams to detect people or obstacles in the path of the garage door, without these safety features there is nothing to stop the garage door from closing on your car and damaging it, or worse closing on someone and causing serious injury.

Another reason is problems with the radio frequency of the remote control system used, some older systems use frequencies that are liable to interference from various sources such as police and fire department radios and military communications. The effects of this interference are many for example, the garage door may open and close on its own or the operating range of your remote control may become so poor you cannot open or close the door with your remote control even whilst standing next to it.

Modern garage door openers are much more efficient and reliable  many coming with a lifetime warranty, they are also quieter and more secure some having self locking mechanisms, and many are supplied with photo safety beams and digital keypads along with remote controls. They are relatively simple to install and most can be fitted by any reasonably competent DIY person in a couple of hours. So in conclusion sometimes it can be cheaper and less time consuming to replace your door opener than attempt to repair it.