Marantec Garage Door Opener Installation Manuals

Marantec was founded in 1957  in Marienfeld Germany where it started developing and producing garage door operators and controls. Since its foundation it has grown into a large international company with subsidiaries throughout the world. Since 1996 Marantec has focused on making garage door openers more energy efficient this has cumulated with it winning  the R+T 2009 innovation prize for its innovative energy saving blueline technology.

Below you will find links to available garage door opener installation and user manuals.

Please be aware some of the PDF manuals are very large and can take a while to load.

M3-503 Wall control panel
Professional Series Q-7900
Professional Series Q-7700 & Q-7500
M4-705 Photoeye safety beam
MLine M-4700 and M-4500 Early model
MLine M-4500 and M-4700 Later model
Professional Mac-Lift Deluxe 2500
Comfort 870 sliding gate operator
Comfort 830 sliding door operator
Comfort 820 sliding door operator
Comfort 410 Tubular motor
Comfort 257 – text
Comfort 257 – diagrams
Comfort 250 – text
Comfort 250 – diagrams
Comfort 220 – text
Comfort 220 – diagrams
Comfort 200 – text
Comfort 200 – diagrams
Comfort 211
Comfort 130 – German