Linear Remote Controls and Garage Door Opener Manuals

Linear Corporation was founded in 1961, originally it was a retail operation that sold and installed automatic garage door operators for residential installations. In 2001 it introduced its own range of openers incorporating its Multi-Code radio remote control transmitters and receivers along with a wireless keypad.

Below are links to Linear manuals.

Please be aware some of the PDF manuals are very large and can take a while to load.

Delta 3 transmitter
Megacode transmitters models MDT, MDT-2, and MDT-4
DT-4B transmitter
DT-3+1 transmitter
DT-2A transmitter
Delta 3 system single channel transmitter and receiver
Linear MCT-1 and MCT-2 transmitters
DRQP digital gate receiver
Delta 3 series DRA receiver
DR4V and DR4-12 digital receivers
Multicode 3809 transmitter and 1090 Receiver
Megacode MDTK wireless digital keypad transmitter
Megacode ACT-21 and ACT-22 digital transmitters
Megacode MDR, MDR2, MDRNR and MDRM digital receiver
LS050 belt and chain drive garage door opener
LDO33 and LDO50 Belt and Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
DTKP Digital Keypad Transmitter