Craftsman Garage Door Opener Manuals

Craftsman are a large USA maker of hand and power tools. In 1927 Sears acquired the Craftsman trademark for $500 and has used it to brand garage door openers that are manufactured by Liftmaster, therefore many spare parts are available under the Liftmaster brand.

The Craftsman garage door opener manuals listed below will provide you with lots of useful information to enable troubleshooting, including installation, operating, schematic diagrams and remote control programming instructions.

If you own an old Craftsman opener (pre 1993), the manual you require may not be listed because from 1993 the Federal safety standards required that all garage door openers include an anti-entrapment feature and many early models did not, therefore some manufacturers have withdrawn manuals for openers that do not conform to the current safety standards.

Please be aware some of the PDF manuals are very large and can take a while to load.

Models 139.53403, 139.53413, 139.53606 and 139.53610
Models 139.53335SRT3, 139.53645SRT3, 139.53646SRT2, 139.53648SRT2, 139.53650SRT, 139.53660SRT1 and 139.53834SRT3
Models 139.53315SR, 139.53415SR, 139.53615SR, 139.53625SR and 139.53699SR
Models 139.53225SRT, 139.53325SRT, 139.53425SRT, 139.53628SRT, 139.53629SRT, 139.53635SRT, 139.53637SRT and 139.53824SRT
Model 139.53902D
Ten foot rail extension kit model number 139.53785
Universal remote control conversion kit for models 139.53682 and 139.53683