Chamberlain Garage Door Opener User and Installation Manuals

Chamberlain entered the garage door opener market in the late sixties when it bought the company who manufactured the Perma Power garage opener, they changed the name several times and it finally became Liftmaster. Chamberlain now manufacture a wide range of both domestic and professional garage door openers,they also manufactured garage door openers for several other companies including Master Mechanic and Tru-Value therefore many spare parts are interchangeable.

Below are links to installation and user manuals.

Please be aware some of the PDF manuals are very large and can take a while to load.

How to identify and find the model and serial numbers on Chamberlain garage door openers
Merlin MT230
Whisper Drive models WD952LD and WD952KD
Whisper Drive model number WD822K
7220 and 4200 openers
Series 5100, 4100, 3000, 2100 and 1100 openers
Series 5000E, 4000E, 2000E and 1000E openers
Transmitters 950CB, 953CB and 956CB, these work with receivers that have a red or orange learn button
Transmitters 850CB, 853CB and 856CB which are the billion code range
Transmitters 750CB, 753CB and 756CB DIP switch type remotes
Power Drive models PD420, PD420-2, PD460-2 and PD460-2K
Power Drive models PD610, PD612 and PD612K
Power Drive models PD210 and PD212
Motorlift models ML700-GB, ML750-GB and ML850-GB
Motorlift ML500
Motorlift ML2000
Motorlift 4000 and 5000
Wireless keypad model 940CB
Wireless keypad model 740CB
Keypad manual model 40CB
Commercial model CSO
Model 9902C
Model 9200-2K
Series 8200
Model No. 8100M
Models 4640, 4640-2 and 4640-2K
Models 4600, 4600-2 and 4600-2K
Series 140, 150, 240, 250, 350, 450, 500 and 550
Clicker universal remote control model KLIK1U
Clicker universal wireless keyless entry model KLIK2U